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January 24, 2017

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DIY // Marbled Mug

July 8, 2016


We have all seen them. The ‘dunk-your-mug-and-ta-da’ instructions on how to beautifully marble your ceramic goods. We thought we’d put this 'super simple’ DIY project to the test.


We collected all the supplies.

We have:

  • A pot to hold the water and nail polish (this yogurt pot is also a paint brush cleaner - hence the pink paint in it. You can use any vessel that will fit your ceramic piece and you don’t mind throwing out);

  • A ceramic piece - here we have a little bowl;

  • Modge Podge or some PVA glue mixed with a little water;

  • A brush;

  • Nail polish. We have used Revlon. We tried about four different brands. Revlon is the clear winner (keep your eyes on our Instagram for our 'epic fail friday’ photo of one of the nail polishes you shouldn’t use!)

Fill your pot half way with water.

Pour about as much nail polish as you would use to paint your finger nails (5ml) into the pot. Don’t be violent - it will sink to the bottom. Use a zig zag motion.

Now dunk your ceramic piece into the water/nail polish and slowly remove.


Let your piece dry for about 12 hours.

Then use the modge podge/PVA glue mixture to cover the ceramic piece. This acts as a sealant so you can pop your artwork into the dishwasher… and drink out of it without consuming nail polish. Yum!


The PVA will need about 24 hours to dry.


The mistakes we made so you wont have to:

  • Use revlon nail polish - all others looks like your ceramic has been dunked in mud.

  • Use a big pot. We dropped a few ceramics in and they got stuck and we got nail polish all over our fingers (not in a nice way).

  • Treat the nail polish as if you want it to sit on a soft cloud when pouring it in. The more effort you put in to this pouring process, the better the result.

  • Hide ceramics you don’t want marbled. It is a little addictive and all our coffee mugs and bowls are now marbled and we have no nail polish left for our nails.


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