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January 24, 2017

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DIY // Liquid Artwork

July 11, 2016

You’ve seen the big circle canvas with glossy liquid paints mixed together in the windows of Riot recently? Well, we’ve bought the expensive paints and we are testing them out so you can decide whether it’s for you or not…


We have all the materials:

  • Global Pouring Medium (you will use most of this bottle on a small canvas Riot: $19.99)

  • Global high flow acrylic (only available at Riot: $9.99 each)

  • Canvas

  • A pot to mix the paint in

  • A knife or two to mix and spread the paint

  • A brush

  • Not photographed - I used some white high flow paint and tried some orange acrylic paint with the gel medium to see what happened.


Paint the canvas with the gel medium to start - let it dry for an hour (this ensures you’re working with a smooth surface).


Mix 1 part high flow paint with 20 parts gel medium. Mix gently - we don’t want air bubbles in the paint. Then pour directly from the mixing cup onto the canvas.


Mix up all the other colours you want to use and pout them onto the canvas. Mix with a paint knife or simply tip the canvas around to mix. Or you can simply leave the paint to mix itself over a few days. Make sure your canvas is flat on the ground.


Ta da! Leave it for two days to fully dry.

Things we discovered:

  • Using normal acrylic paint tends to blend into the colours around it. The high flow paints tend to stay separate from the other colours.

  • The more gentle you work with the paint the better the outcome. We’re not very gentle and the finished work is… rough.

  • Think about how you are going to finish the edges of your canvas. There will be drips of paint down the side. Finishing it with high flow paints will be near impossible. Framing the canvas may be the best option.

Emma Lindström is an inspiring artist who has really refined this style of art.
Happy painting!!!




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