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Valentine's Day Mini XOXkit

January 24, 2017

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5 reasons subscription boxes are for you

September 22, 2016


We are going to fill you in on why subscription boxes are booming in America and the top five reasons why these monthly boxes are perfect for you in the Australian market.


Reason 1 // A little gift to yourself
If you’re like me, each birthday you go out and buy yourself a little something special. The only downfall being, it’s not really a surprise and I end up opening it and playing with it weeks before my actual birthday. Your subscription box is your ‘little something special’ BUT it truly is a surprise. With the XOXkit, each month you are delivered a kit with two on-trend creative projects - all the materials and tools and of course instructions. It could be a wood work project, macrame, or maybe sewing or fabric printing, or graffiti stenciling or plaster of paris modelling. It’s all a big surprise!


Reason 2 // Time saver
You’ve found projects on pinterest that you have been wanting to do but you have to find the time to go out shopping for all the materials. You then have to buy a 5kg bag of cement when you really only need 500g. Once you’ve finally sourced all the materials and tools, you then have to work out the American unit conversions to Australian units and then pull the information together. You give it a red-hot-go and it’s not quite right.
XOXkit supplies the right amount of materials, the correct tools and Australia-ready instructions. On top of all of that - you know all the items in the kit have been tried and tested. You also have access to an online tutorial video which will answer any questions you might have about the project. By the end of that months kit you will have a beautifully finished product you can be very proud of!


Reason 3 // The knowledge
Have you ever walked into an art shop and stared at a wall of paints and had no idea which brand to use? Us too! Has there been a creative product you’ve seen and you’ve thought ‘how on earth did they create that?’ Us too! This is the knowledge that XOXkit brings to you each month. We work with Australian creatives to curate projects for the kits. Each month you’ll learn two new skills/techniques. And with that knowledge, your creativity will take-off!


Reason 4 // The quality
The quality of products within the box is always tried and tested. It’s a chance for you to try before you buy as a lot of the items are sample size. For example, in XOXkit sample size paint, glue and varnishes are used. The brands are tested and preferred by the creatives and then we provide a supply list of where to buy more of the products within the kits.


Reason 5 // Great Gift
If you’re the time-poor, hard working, creative that we know you are - shopping for gifts can unfortunately be at the bottom of your list sometimes. The good news is, a subscription box is a brilliant gift to give your friends and family. There is, of course XOXkit for the creative in your life. Or you can find a number of other subscription boxes online. Many ship from the states and there are a number of amazing Australian subscription boxes popping up.

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