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Valentine's Day Mini XOXkit

January 24, 2017

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DIY // Wooden Signage

September 22, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good bit of signage? Only graphic designers. Oh well, we’re making a homemade sign today! Simply because every time a courier shows up to deliver a parcel they look confused and bewildered. A sign might help them…


We have all the materials:

  • A piece of 4mm wood - size depends on you

  • D-rings (Pack of 50 from Bunnings)

  • Hanging wire (From Bunnings)

  • Ruler

  • Paint & Brush

  • Actual size print out of your sign

  • 6B or 8B pencil (An newsagent, Riot or Artshed)

  • Ball point pen (yes, has to be ball point)

STEP1 // Make friends with someone with a router to cut your piece of wood into whatever shape you like. Or do it yourself (will you be my friend?). Or, you can get Ponoko to laser cut the wood for you if you can work a design program and don’t mind waiting.

STEP2 // Print out the sign you would like to make to actual size. We are doing up an XOXkit sign for our poor, lost courier.

STEP3 // Paint down a layer over the wood - colour is your choice.


STEP4 // As per the video in the next post colour the back of your print out with the pencil. Just rough. Shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds. Just make sure it’s well covered.

STEP5 // Tape or BullDog Clip your printed sign to your piece of wood, pencil side down. Draw over the lines of your printed artwork with the ball point pen. This will cause the pencil to leave a pencil mark on your pre-painted piece of wood (yes, the white paint really helps you see the pencil marks).

STEP6 // Pull your paper off once you have finished tracing it and wa-la - you just need to paint your sign in the pencil lines. Too easy!

STEP7 // Once painted and dried. Take your wooden sign, flip it over and screw in your d-rings and attach your wire to hang your sign.



  • Make sure your piece of wood is thicker than your d-ring screw or they will poke a hole through your beautiful sign.

  • Paint a layer of PVA glue over the top to protect it from the elements.

  • You might need to use a couple coats of paint - depending on the quality of the paint. We recommend Global Paints from Riot.

Show us your creations at #xoxkit




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