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Valentine's Day Mini XOXkit

January 24, 2017

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4 simple ways to make time for creativity

November 22, 2016


We all live busy lives. And the ‘life balance’ we are all desperate to find is hiding somewhere with the unicorns and mermaids. Amongst the craziness we find time to workout. We make time for family and friends. We squeeze out five minutes to nurture our souls and wave a wand over our finances, but how do we manage to fit in creativity? And why does it matter?


It is so important to make time to be creative, everyday. It provides time to reflect, to meditate, and to let your mind wander. It allows your brain the time to problem solve, to put in-order, to plan. It allows you to think outside the box, and much like learning a new skill, it trains your brain to think in new, obscure ways. It gives you space to be present and to be mindful. Creativity is not necessarily about creating a tangible product but more about the processes and ideas. The root definition of the word create means ‘to grow’. Lastly, we all want long and healthy lives and creativity may be the key to longevity. In this Scientific American article, “researchers found that only creativity—not intelligence or overall openness—decreased mortality risk. One possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain.” So, how can we embrace creativity?


We all mediate. It’s the five minutes before we fall asleep. The space we give ourselves when we wake up in the mornings. It’s during our daily commute. We have that time, even if we don’t consider it as mediation. Use this time to think creatively instead of mentally writing your to do list. If you are able, try writing a stream of consciousness, or mindful colouring. Better yet, pick up your knitting needles during your five minutes of mediation and begin.


This one is simple. Subscribe and each month, the courier delivers a kit with two on-trend creative projects. All the instructions, materials and tools you need, along with a ten minute instruction video. This little kit of creativity will inspire you and encourage you to make time for your creative endeavors. Subscribe now and use XOXkit to better your creative techniques and make time for creativity in your life. 


Screen time
How often are you on Facebook checking out what your next door neighbor got up to on the weekend? Watching baby videos? Or getting sucked into Stumble Upon for hours at a time? Lets use this time to inspire creativity. Switch your viewing to Pinterest or Ted Talks. Look for creative classes online. Open up the possibilities to be inspired instead of looking at the green grass on the other side of the Instagram fence.


Paid creative classes
Just like you pay for gym membership, enroll in a creative class. You are more likely to follow through with the class if you have paid for it. As you make time for your weekly netball game, make time for your creative class. Pick something you are curious about and a little scared to try. The feeling of accomplishment will be worth every cent you paid. Have a look at Skill Share for a range of creative classes to try or Work-shop for face-to-face group classes.


“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while” – Steve Jobs






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