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Valentine's Day Mini XOXkit

January 24, 2017

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Testing Kraft-tex Material

February 15, 2017

We are loving the versatility of Kraft-tex. We have made a lunch bag, and today we are testing the printing, painting and drawing capacity of the fancy material. And the results are something a bit special!


We are working with the white, black and brown Kraft-tex materials from Make Monster (aka Kraft-tex Queen of Australia!). We used various inks/pens on the brown kraft-tex:

  • Artline pen

  • Sharpie

  • Fabric Marker

  • Global acrylic mixed with textile medium

  • Chinese ink

  • Acrylic paint

We also sent an A4 sized piece of the brown kraft-tex through our laser printer. This is the results:

We bundled all the kraft-tex into the washing machine with some towels (and no detergent) and put it on the lightest setting. The material went in like cardboard and we had to have a bit of a fight just to get it all in the washing machine and it came out like leather - nice and soft and crinkly. 

 The faded laser print looks great. The acrylic paint by itself wasn't very successful and made a bit of a mess. The pens, ink and textile medium all came out just as strong as they went into the washing machine. The fabric itself was a lot easier to work with and a lot softer. Make sure you position it correctly to dry as it will dry into that shape. The black kraft-tex sample is now turning into an artwork wall hanger. The first few layers of paint have been applied. The fabric is very paint-thirsty but the texture is amazing. Stay tuned to see the outcome of the wall hanging. We're not finished with you yet kraft-tex.


What do you think about kraft-tex? Should we be including it in a future XOXkit project? Have you created anything with it?


To purchase kraft-tex in Australia go here.


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