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January 24, 2017

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Tracing without a light box

May 2, 2017


Who would like a light box? Me!
Who has the space for a light box? Not me.
Who has the money for a light box? Not me.


Today we are showing you a number of ways to transfer artworks without a fancy light box.


Dark Pencil Copy
You will need: A dark pencil (6B/8B) and a ball-point pen

Turn your artwork over and quickly cover the artwork (on the back) with a layer of pencil. Hold your paper up to the light to check you have covered the artwork in pencil marks.

Place the artwork pencil side down (artwork side up) onto the surface you want to transfer. Using the ball-point pen, trace over your artwork. This will transfer the artwork to the surface.

Ta da!


The Tupperware light box
You will need: A torch or mobile phone with a torch and a larger tupperware container with a flat lid or base

Place the torch/phone in the tupperware container with the light facing the lid. Place the lid on and use the light to shine through the artwork and new surface transfer. Wa la! Too easy.


Carbon paper
You will need: Carbon paper and a ball-point pen

If you happen to have some carbon paper lying around, why not put it to good use. Place the new surface down first, then the carbon paper and then the artwork. Trace over the artwork wth the pen and it will transfer through the carbon to your new surface.


What other ways do you transfer your work without the use of a light box?

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